Why Markethive? My Why!

WHY AM I INVOLVED IN MARKETHIVE?    In 2 words “my granddaughters”.

I first met Tom Prendergast back in the mid-1990’s, through his company “Veretekk”. At that time I was still in the work force and had limited time to spend on the computer learning how Veretekk worked. I found Veretekk to be very complicated to use, and I knew very little of the technical things involved with the internet at that time.

When Tom first explained the concept of Markethive, I was very interested because he explained that the platform would be much more intuitive and easier to use in comparison with Veretekk. PLUS, there was a component where an investment made to help build Markethive would pay off in long term income in the future. I had been looking for some way to create a residual income once I reached retirement, because I knew that my meager pension would not be enough to live on comfortably.

My “why” is my granddaughters. They live in Chilliwack, BC and it is my greatest desire to have the financial resources to move to Chilliwack. I want to be involved in those little girls’ lives, be a hands on grandma, and be there to enjoy all aspects of their lives. My grandmother was a huge influence in my life, we had a wonderful relationship, and she was the person that shared her crafty talents with me. I want that same type of relationship with my granddaughters.

My passion has always been sewing and now that I’ve reached retirement, I have the time to spend sewing. My goal is to have the financial resources to purchase supplies so that I can sew quilts to donate to women and children in need; and I want to share this with my granddaughter’s and hopefully teach them the art of sewing so that they can also enjoy a life-long hobby of sewing!

Judy Curtis